About Ensoleir


The word Ensoleir stands for Energy Solutions Éire (Ireland). Ensoleir delivers reliable high-quality, cost reducing and environmentally friendly heating solutions for your needs. We also provide complete treatment solutions for your drinking water. Our products support jobs for Irish farmers and Irish engineering firms.

About the Ensoleir Founding members

Fritz Mohn Founder/Owner   Agricultural engineer

Fritz the founder of Ensoleir is a German-born agricultural engineer and is living in Ireland since 2008. He has stronglinks with the German manufacturers in the industry and is keenly building relationships in his new homeland of Ireland with growers, service providers including installers and plumbers as well as parts and fuel suppliers. Fritz has always been involved in agriculture, food processing and heat technology. He has a strong sense for method and provides practical and quality-driven solutions in the area of environmentally-friendly products for home, farm and small business.


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