Okotherm Multi-fuel Boilers


The Okotherm Multi-fuel boilers are highly versatile, burning a large range of biomass fuels in chipped or pelletised form. Okotherm boilers are available from 49 kW to 800 kW, they are built to avoid clinkering and slagging with any fuel and can burn cleanly without the need for additices such as lime.  They have proven their worth in the German market over the last 20 years and have been burning miscanthus as a reliable crop for the last 17 years. In 2007, the inventor of the Okotherm boilers received the EUROSOLAR prize for his achievments.

The video shows the rotary movement of the secondary air in the combustion chamber ensuring thorough mixing of the combustion gases

Efficiency and Effectiveness

Effective heat output and efficient fuel consumption are key for any boiler. The Okotherm boilers run extremely efficiently with optimal combustion in the water-cooled combustion chamber whether running under full or partial load.

Highest Quality German Engineering

Ensoleir ensures that every part and service that comes in connection with our boilers is of the highest quality. The boilers themselves meet the highest German technical standards leading to a long lifespan and each boiler is individually checked by highly skilled specialists prior to sale.

Versatile using all classes of Biomass Fuels

The  boilers are highly versatile, burning a large range of biomass fuels in chipped or pelletised form including the following:

* miscanthus,
* straw,
* rape straw,
* wood (chipped, pelletized)
* agricultural wastes such as rape seed cake and horse manure
* residues from bio gas plants,
* waste from food industries such as milling wastes, husks, sun flower shells and many others.


Reliable and Proven Concept

The corrosion proof furnace chambers are made of remarkable 10 mm stainless steel and heavy fire resistant refractory cement. For more details see our Technical Data.

High variety of possible fuels
Innovative combustion technology
No caked ash or cinder
Latest control engineering
High ease of use
Exhaust gas managed control- and feedback control systems with
Integrated output adjustment
Optimal combustion behaviour
Low exhaust emission values
Installation of a second fuel feed line


10 mm 1st stage stainless steel burner
Heavy refractory cement lining of the 2nd stage burner
5 mm vessel steel
4.5 mm flue pipe steel
40 - 80 mm  insulation keeps the heat in the system
Robust and solid construction  (49 - 800 kW)

Highly efficient two stage burner

Exhaust gas managed control and feedback control systems with integrated output adjustment.
The special water cooled stainless steel jacked with its unique nozzle system and heavy ash crusher optimizes the combustion process and avoids any sticking and clinkering on the burner surface and slagging of the ash.
Anti stoichiometric air duct reduces NOx and CON formation.
Easy to operate.
Latest control system, touch screen and remote controlled failure detector

All inclusive package possible: boiler, fuel conditioning & feed in systems, layout etc.




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