Fuel Types
Many waste materials on farms, at sawmills or even businessess can be burned for heat generation. Companies can reduce their spend on energy production by being innovative and making the effort to look around for biomass materials or to use adjacent land to grow their own fuel. Renewable energy sources recommended include straw and grass pellets, rape, rape cake, press residues, corn grains, miscanthus, wood pellets and wood chip. Depending on availability, the most efficient biomass available should be chosen and used in a suitable boiler.


About Wood
Wood fuel can be used for cooking and heating and is available as firewood (e.g. logs, blocks), charcoal, chips, pellets and sawdust. The burning of wood is currently the largest use of energy derived from a solid fuel biomass.

Wood pellets are derived from wood shavings and sawdust and are used in highly efficient and convenient automatic wood boilers. As they have a low moisture and ash content, wood pellets burn very efficiently. What's more they are compact and easy to store. Typically pellets come in bags (ideal for stoves or smaller boiler systems) or are delivered in bulk by truck (ideal for boiler systems with bulk stores). Facts and Figures about Wood pellets and other types of Wood fuels can be found on the SEAI website.


About Miscanthus
The renewable energy crop Miscanthus originates from China and is therefore often called China Grass. Also known as Elephant Grass, it is planted just once by planting the young shoots called rhizomes. After about two years the misacanthus can be harvested every Spring for about 25 years. It grows from April to November and reaches heights of up to 4 m. In March it is harvested with maize harvesters or cut and laid in swath and baled as large bales.

Some of the advantages of miscanthus over unsustainable heating fuels such as kerosene as as follows.

- Miscanthus is an Irish grown Agricultural fuel. It is fuel from the region for the region.
- It is very easy to cultivate on arable land and does not require any fertiliser.
- Irish farmers, having over 3,000 hectares are the largest  Miscanthus producers in Europe.
- Miscanthus has a high energy value. 1 acre of land provides the equivalent energy of about 3,200 litres of heating oil.
- Miscanthus guarantees a safe income to the farmers who can have long lasting contracts with grower associations.
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