Solutions for your Home, Farm or Business

Ensoleir saves you time and money by researching and implementing a solution for your energy needs. Installing green heating systems is an expensive investment so you must get it right- trust Ensoleir to wade through the choices and advise you on who to install what. Please note we can recommend installers but we do not install the systems ourselves. Our role is as consultants. For many of the products we have sole rights for distribution or import into Ireland.


Stages of Consultancy

1. Analysis: We may take into consideration your existing systems (machinery and equipment) and recommend ways to include them in your new system, either as a back-up or to save costs with your new system. The aim is to integrate our well-engineered heating systems into your building, whatever the size.

2. Recommendations: As a focussed boiler solution consultancy we seek the most economic and reliable solutions for you. This may entail recommending products we do not necessarily sell. We may also highlight the need for insulation and draught improvements.


We determine your current and future annual energy demand and work out a proposal for you. Our initial stage of consultation will include the following:

What type of house is it?
Where is it located?
Which renewable energy system fits it?
How much space is available for fuel storage?

The recommendations can be mixtures of wood pellets, split logs, bio fuel and solar thermal systems or condensed boilers and / or heat pumps combined with solar thermal units – all these are discussed and analysed to suit your budget. You will be amazed how much you can save by a proper insulating of your house including the walls, doors and attic.

Government grants are available for the insulation as well as for most of our systems. We are able to support and advise you on these.

We have experience too in Whole Farm Solutions for your energy needs. This takes into consideration what waste fuels you have access to, how you can recycle them and what boiler matches your wastage

Commercial sites – Research, Analyse and Implement

We examine your energy demands and requirements as well as how you currently generate heat. These values and factors are then analysed to determine the optimum heat source. Ensoleir uses its own specialised formula for calculating the economical benefits of the products we select for your needs.

In addition to the many woods and wood products there are also many agrarian fuels such as miscanthus, straw, horse manure, grain and grain residues, wastes from the food industries. At Ensoleir we find the post possible solution for your business taking into consideration many factors, including:

-Actual fuel consumption
-Efficiency of the current boiler
-Investment for a new boiler system
-Annual fuel demand
-Fuel price
-Bank interest
-Lifetime of the product
-Wear and tear and maintenance of the products
-Comparisons of different systems

This analysis normally indicates that, even with associated higher investment costs for biomass systems the new system will save money over traditional oil boiler systems and pay back the investment within a relatively short time. In our experience the formula clearly shows that this is due to the high energy costs of oil, gas or electricity in comparison to the costs of heating with biomass. Of course, growing biomass fuel on your own land reduces these costs even more and we will be delighted to put you in contact with experienced growers and growers associations.

Green Boilers